Don’t know where to start? Let us help you.

Let’s keep it simple.

Let’s start with a conversation over the phone, over coffee or by email.

Making decisions can be overwhelming and confusing when faced with so many options.

Our services are offered to meet your needs.

  • whether you need an hour or two to consult regarding one room or the whole home, we can help.
  • whether it is new construction or renovation, we can help.
  • whether it is project management, decorating or staging, we can help.

That’s what we do.

By the Hour

Do you need just an hour or two to consult with someone about….

  • paint
  • wall covering
  • flooring
  • furniture
  • lighting
  • window treatments

By The Room

Do you need help pulling a room together?

Are you confused about furniture placement, rug size, window treatments, etc.?

Whole Home

Are you wondering how to give the whole home that seamless flow with so many different areas?

New Construction

Do you need help choosing all the details involved with new construction?


As life changes so do the needs of our homes. Are you wondering if you can make the changes you need to meet the new phase of your life in your home?

Project Management

Do you need someone to oversee a project, communicate and coordinate the sub-contractors?

Decorating for an Event

Are you planning an event and not sure how to create the perfect setting?

Decorating for the holiday

Do you need help decorating for a holiday party?


Are you selling your home and need help making it look its best?